Friday, July 8, 2011

First week of Camp Nano.

No, I never know the meaning of "enough is enough!"

Around May I had an idea pop into my head for a new novel. It's completely different than Pierian Spring as it's set in the present (mostly) and deals with a completely different subject. The title for it is I, Benandante and would fall under dark fantasy if it must be pigeonholed into a genre.

The most profound thing that happened as I developed the concept for I, Benandante was how quickly I fell in love with the two MC's before I wrote a single word. I had entire scenes between them running through my mind for weeks before July 1, when I was finally able to start putting words down. After one week I've reached over 13,000 words as of last night. Feels like a good pace. I listen to lots of Rob Zombie as I type, which may be contributing to how fast I'm getting it down.

This novel is also my reward for finishing 6 credits in college toward professional development in my career, and also for finishing the ABCTE program in special education. I can teach special ed in 11 states now! Fingers crossed I find a job soon.

In the meantime, keep on writing on.

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