Thursday, February 16, 2012

Positive stuff happening

The four day weekend I anticipated turned into five when school was cancelled this morning. This means I don't work, and being a substitute teacher, I don't get paid. It's not all bad though, because this gave me an extra day to write. I'm determined to finish editing Pierian Spring and establish a platform for it in the near future.

That means I need to start posting more here. My first blog ever is on Live Journal and that remains my go-to blog to blab about my life in general. I want to make writing my life, and that means post more to my writing blog. Git-er-done girl! I'm going to pin this blog to a tab on Chrome to keep it open and make it my go-to blog from now on.

Some more (sort of) good news. I have a long term subbing job coming up in the near future! I will be teaching high school history while the contracted teacher goes on maternity leave. This is very exciting and I'm already making lesson plans. The hope is this will be the thing that turns my career around and perhaps I can get my foot in the door teaching full time again in the area. Wouldn't that be nice? A steady paycheck, health insurance ... fingers crossed.

Back to editing Pierian Spring.