Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NaNo Fail, and what I'm reading right now

Yes, I completely blew it for Nanowrimo this year. November became very stressful for me and found myself with no time to work on the novel. I had notes, a basic plot outline and I will at some point finish it ... but getting it done this month wasn't going to happen, even with the usual speed I can chug a Nano novel out. I even had to start over when my computer derped and lost 5000 words! Stopping at 12,000 words after a week, there is just no excuse for it, other than too much stuff happening this month with work, other commitments and spending two days processing a deer shot on the opening day of firearm season at home. Venison in the freezer and home canned in the pantry is nice, but my novel suffered with everything going on. Big sigh of sadness.

In the meantime, I decided it's time to finish Pierian Spring and get it ready to submit to agents. Will a work of historical fiction based on the experiences of two teen aged boys during the Boston Tea Party have any selling potential? Even if it ends up on the 99 cents list for Amazon Kindle, I am determined to publish this book. As much as I've enjoyed creating the world of the Benandanti, I love spending time with Silas and Andrew again. I've missed these boys.

What am I reading right now? I'm actually reading fiction for a change and enjoying it. The Help is a fantastic book. I instantly fell in love with the characters, and felt empathy for their suffering and the situations they find themselves in. Very powerful writing. A book you hate to put down after picking it up.

Holidays are coming soon, I still have Thanksgiving decorations up. Argh.