Sunday, December 30, 2012

Here comes 2013

And I still need to query a literary agent.

This means I need to get off my butt and get it done. Query letters don't look intimidating, the issue is finishing a manuscript to the level <<I>> think it's ready.

A piece of feedback I received from a reader of one of my short stories told me volumes.  I put so many historical references into my writing he couldn't finish reading the story. This tells me the historical research is  getting in the way of the story and turning readers off.  Good to know! Here is the problem: I keep finding more interesting details through my historical research and I am such a nerd for this stuff I want to <I>USE</I> it. Time to stop doing that and get on with the stuff people want to read - the drama of the relationships between the characters.

So that is part of my plan for 2013. The other part is posting more often to this blog. Teachers use meta-cognition to help students understand how they arrive at an answer. Writers need to write about writing. Regular entries about what I'm doing would be good to motivate me to do more writing. See, I've thought this through!

Oh yes, and can't forget, I WILL query and agent this year.