Tuesday, March 29, 2011

T Minus 4 days and counting until Spring Break! Word wars here I come!

Spring break starts in a week. I am counting down the minutes until I have a week free of college classes and work! I plan on using that week to write write write and begin a serious rewrite of my novel.

I have the first draft of a research paper due by Sunday. The topic is an exploration of the similarities between the modern tea party movement and the Boston Tea Party. Since my novel started out as a brainstorm of that very subject, I chose my paper topic to help me do more in-depth research before I started rewriting the book. It has really paid off! I thought I knew a lot about the Boston Tea Party last fall when I started writing this book, now my brain is filled to capacity with all of the new information I've learned to write my research paper, wonderful details that will certainly make it into the novel!

The most recent bit of history I learned made me leap for joy. One of the characters in my book is a German bookbinder. I just found a source describing how German immigrants were brought to the colonies to start up the printing/publishing and glassmaking trades! Yes! *fistpump*

I'm treating myself tonight; taking a break from the research paper because there's only two more pages of it left to write and diving into a chapter that's been gnawing at my brain for weeks. I'm so excited to have the time to really work on my novel again!

Time to word war with myself :)

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